8 Inch Raw Silk Cloth Light Pad
8 Inch Raw Silk Regular Cloth Light Pad

8 Inch Raw Silk Regular Cloth Light Pad

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This 8 Inch Light Pad features a Raw Silk top and is backed with Water Resistant Windpro Fleece. (Please note, the fleece will be a different color than is what shown in the pictures.)

All of our pads and pantyliners have tab style wings and are fastened with a quality poly-resin snap.

8 Inch Raw Silk Light Pads are perfect for:

~ Light Flow

~ Menstrual Cup backup

~ Soothing of Yeast Infections

This 8" Light Pad is ready to ship in our 2 1/2" Wide Width.


Caring for cloth pads is easy!

Instructions are here - http://pinklemonadeshop.com/care.htm

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