Are you looking for information on how to wash and care for your cloth menstrual pads? Well, then you've come to the right place!

How to wash cloth menstrual pads

Posted by on 1/19/2016 to Cloth Pad Washing

How to wash and care for cloth menstrual pads

Washing and caring for cloth pads is super easy. If you're interested in making the switch from disposable pads to reusable cloth pads then washing should not be a deterrence. Cloth pads are durable and easy to care for. Cloth pad washing is so simple in fact, that we have a hard time even creating a whole blog post dedicated to the topic!

If you're outside your home then soiled cloth pads should be stored in your wetbag until you return. It's okay if they dry out a bit before you're ready to rinse them. 

Remove your cloth pads and rinse with cold water. I personally find that letting the water run from the back side to the front does a great job. Wring them out and toss into your laundry basket or back inside your wetbag or cloth pad storage bag until you're ready to wash. 

How should I wash cloth pads?

Washing pads in your washing machine is perfect. If you do not have your machine, hand washing is okay too. The detergent that you use on your regular laundry is typically great for pads too. However, you will want to avoid the use of fabric softeners because it can actually cause them to lose absorbency. 

Cloth pads can be washed in cool or warm temperature water and tumble dried in your dryer. They can be washed alone or with regular laundry depending on how your washing machine performs. Sometimes I wash mine with towels or washcloths, but often wash them alone. 

What to avoid when washing your cloth pads:
~ Bleach
~ Vinegar
~ Dryer Sheets or Fabric Softener
~ Ironing
~ The ‘Sanitize Cycle’ on your washing machine, if it has one.

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