MeLuna Amethyst Classic Ball Stem Menstrual Cup - XLarge Shorty
MeLuna Amethyst Classic Ball Stem Menstrual Cup - xLarge Shorty

MeLuna Amethyst Classic Ball Stem Menstrual Cup - xLarge Shorty

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MeLuna Classic
The firmness level Classic is medium soft and suitable for most women. MeLuna Classic is still soft and at the same time firm enough so that your menstrual cup can easily unfold after insertion. MeLuna Classic is perceived by our customers as very comfortable. Women involved in very active physical activites may prefer the Sport version. For some customers a too soft cup may become more easily dislodged or unsealed than a firmer cup.

This firmness level of the Classic combines the requirements of a menstrual cup for good fit and ease of use: It is soft, easy to fold, and yet it has enough 'spring' to fully open easily.

MeLuna size XLarge is mainly used by women who have had vaginal births and/or have weak pelvic muscles.

The ball stem is the most popular handle type. It is small and comfortably round. Many women are most comfortable with this type of handle.

MeLuna Shorty is designed for women who have a shorter vagina or low cervix to wear a menstrual cup comfortably.

All cups come with a free cleaning brush and storage bag.


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