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Start Your New Year with Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads from Pink Lemonade Shop!

Posted by Alex on 1/1/2016 to Getting Started

New Year, New Cloth Pads from Pink Lemonade Shop!

We hope that you had a fabulous New Year celebration! Cheers to a fabulous 2016!

Cloth Pad Starter Stash

This year we want to start you off right and give you the opportunity to start your cloth pad stash or add to it! Gone are the days of scratchy, chemical filled, disposable products...we want to introduce you to your new best friend, Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads. We offer a handful of cloth pad sets so you can try out a variety of sizes and see what’s best for you and your cycle. We’d recommend starting with a set similar to this with an 8 inch, 9 inch and 10 inch pad. This should have you covered from light to heavy flow days and gives you a chance to see what your preference is when it comes to size. Snatch up a wetbag of your choice and you’ll be able to store your stash on the go or at home until wash day!

Cloth Pantyliners Set

Looking for an option for every day freshness or introducing your tween to cloth pads, check out our cloth pantyliners! Our cloth pantyliners come in 6 inch Original or Wide, 7.5 inch Regular and 7.5 inch Thong. Our liners are great for every day freshness and even very light incontinence protection. Our liners are available individually or in sets - in a variety of fabric options. Snag a wetbag for carrying on the go or at home and you’ll be set!

Postpartum Cloth Pads

Have you considered cloth pads as part of your postpartum care? Yep! We have a cloth pad for that too! So be gone with the harsh, rough and scratchy disposable pads and underwear when you’re most sensitive! Our 13 inch postpartum pads are great for overnight flow and postpartum. Many ladies enjoy about 10 pads for their postpartum cloth pad stash, starting with the 13 inch right after birth and down sizing to our 12 inch and 11 inch pads as their flow lightens up. This is great because many woman are able to use the 11 and 12 inch pads on heavy days in their regular cycle! Pair your stash with a wetbag of choice until washday and you’re all set!

As you can see we have everything you need to get started with cloth pads this year or grow your cloth pad stash!
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