Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads | Pink Lemonade Shop

Welcome to Pink Lemonade Shop! PLS offers a variety of washable and reusable, luxuriously soft cloth menstrual pads, postpartum pads, and pantyliners, reusable menstrual cups, nursing pads, and accessories for a zero waste period!

Why choose reusable cloth pads? Not only are cloth pads extremely comfortable, they come in a variety of fabrics, styles, shapes and sizes! Cloth pads are super absorbent and will save you loads of money over the never-ending cost of disposable feminine hygiene products. And - because they are reusable and made of sustainable materials - they are eco-friendly and much better for the environment! And most importantly they're non-toxic - and better for YOU!

Why choose Pink Lemonade Shop? Simply put, we believe PLS offers THE BEST QUALITY and SELECTION of cloth menstrual pads on the market! From our variety of fabric types - including minky, hand-dyed bamboo velour, and holiday and pop-culture themed prints - to our wide variety of sizes and exclusive designs… From pads for girls and teens to pads for postpartum... Give us a try and you’ll never go back to disposables again! We are a mama-owned and operated small business employing other stay-at-home moms in southwest Ohio, USA!