Uses for Light Cloth Pads

5 Uses for Light Cloth Pads

Posted by Sam on 5/16/2016 to Cloth Pad Questions & Answers
5 Uses for Light Cloth Pads
Cloth pads are a great way to avoid the harsh chemicals in disposable products while keeping the waste out of landfills. We offer cloth pads in many different fabric options. This allows you to get just the right amount of coverage and protection you need for your cycle, but our Light Cloth Pads aren't just for period protection! Here's 5 great uses for Light Cloth Pads.

5 Uses for Light Cloth Pads

Everyday Freshness - Do you enjoy using disposable pantyliners for everyday protection? Consider investing in a reusable option. For many women, there comes that time in your cycle when you experience more discharge than usual. It's totally normal and natural - especially if you're ovulating!

Pregnancy Discharge - And oh-the-joys of pregnancy discharge. Using a cloth pad for protection will have you feeling more refreshed. 

Light Flow Days - At the beginning or end of your cycle you may experience some spotting or light flow. It's not quite enough for a larger pad or using your menstrual cup, but you need just enough coverage to keep you protected. The 8 inch cloth pad is great for that. 

Menstrual Cup Back Up - Menstrual Cups are a great reusable alternative to tampons, but they do come with a bit of a learning curve when it come to using them. Many women find it takes a cycle or two to get the hang of it. But don't give up! Pink Lemonade Shop Light Cloth Pads offer the backup protection you may need incase you experience a bit of a leak. It's a great peace of mind for just in case! 

Introducing a teen to cloth pads - Those first few menstrual cycles they experience are usually lighter and shorter. Introducing them to a few cloth pads from the start will allow them to grow their stash over time as their cycle changes. 

Pink Lemonade Shop Light Cloth Pads

Our Light Cloth Pads are 8 inches long, backed in Water Resistant WindPro Fleece and stocked in many different fabric options. They're available in Minky, Bamboo Velour, Cotton Velour and more! Each cloth pad features an absorbent Bamboo Fleece core and tab style wings with snaps to secure them into place. Our 8 inch cloth pads are made at a Wide Width of 2 1/2. 

Looking for a cloth pad for moderate flow?
You'll find the protection you're looking for in our 9 inch Cloth Pads.