9 Memorable Cloth Pads from the last 9 Years!

9 Memorable Cloth Pads from the last 9 Years at PLS!

Posted by Julie on 5/26/2016 to News & Announcements
9 Memorable Cloth Pads from the last 9 Years at PLS!

9 Memorable Cloth Pads from Pink Lemonade Shop's 9 Years in Business!

We thought it would be fun to ask Sue to reflect back upon the last 9 years and tell us what some of her favorite pads and prints have been.  Sounds cool right?  I know we all want to know, which are Sue's favorites?  You might be surprised to know that Sue couldn't really think of any off the top of her head.  Hundreds of prints have passed through her hands over the years and it's not surprising that she doesn't have any major favorites because she picked each one, she liked them ALL!

Sam and I set out on a quest to dig up pads from the past in order to refresh Sue's memory.  Below are 9 of the most memorable pads, in our opinions.  Does your stash contain any of these favorites?

1.  Sue's dying skills are always ON POINT!  This pad rocks and really shows off Sue's creative talents!

2.  This Day of the Dead print was before my time here at PLS but I adore it!  Dark pads are very easy to care for  and hide stains well.

3.  This adorable beaver print had fans laughing out loud!  We're kind of hoping this print makes a comeback, aren't you?

4.  I don't know if this is one of Sue's favorites but it sure is one of mine!  Those colors, that pattern, I neeeed this one in my life!

5.  Sometimes you need a cloth pad that will brighten up your day.  Staring down at this guys face in your panties is sure to lighten your mood.

6.  These adorable ninjas were another fan favorite and we've got several of you hoping they make a comeback.  Do you have any ninjas in your stash?

7.  These pretty kitties are one of the more recent prints of this bunch.  We adore this print and hope you all do too!

8.  Feeling crabby?  Of course you are and for good reason!  These crabs are another of our prints that make you LOL. 

9.  A Pink Lemonade first!  These cowboys made waves back in their day.  This print was the first time we've heard of that had some of your significant others saying 'NO, you will not be wearing this young man in your underwear!'

This list of 9 Memorable Pads from the last 9 Years merely scratches the surface in terms of prints we love and adore.  How do these 9 rank on your list of favorite Pink Lemonade Shop prints and how many of the above do you own?