Interested in Raw Silk Cloth Pads? Here's what you need to know about choosing raw silk.

Benefits in choosing Raw Silk Cloth Pads

Posted by Sam on 1/26/2016 to Fabrics

Benefits of Raw Silk in your Cloth Pads

Do you struggle with frequent urinary tract infections? Have you considered adding Raw Silk cloth pads to your stash? May find Raw Silk to be a soothing fabric option in your cloth pad stash! Pink Lemonade Shop offers quite a few fabric options for cloth pads including Raw Silk.

Though for many Raw Silk isn’t the first fabric option that comes to mind, there are many benefits of having Raw Silk cloth pads. Raw Silk is a heavy weave of silk that hasn’t been stripped. Sericin, a protein created by silk worms, adds heaviness to the fibers in the Raw Silk. Sericin is a natural protein that shows to have antibacterial and antifungal qualities. For this reason, those that experience frequent yeast infections often use Raw Silk cloth pads.

Raw Silk cloth pads are stocked at the shop in our 6-inch and 7.5 inch cloth pantyliners. Topped in Raw Silk and backed in Windpro Fleece, they are a great option for those that prefer cloth pads with natural fibers. Being a natural fiber, it’s recommended that you rinse the raw silk cloth pad in cool water after use before storing until wash day to help minimize the chance of staining. Washing till not destroy the benefits of the raw silk, but heat will destroy the sericin. When washing with cool or warm water and drying on low heat or air drying, the proteins in the silk will last for hundreds of washes. The raw silk fabric isn’t scratchy but a bit nubby in texture while being super thin and comfortable for everyday protection.

Raw Silk is available at the shop in cloth pads sets and individually. Curious about making the switch to cloth pads? Your stash may differ from other women to accommodate your needs depending on your cycle. Check out our tips on building your cloth pad stash.

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