Which cloth pad or menstrual cloth fabrics should you choose?

Choosing the right Cloth Pad fabrics for you

Posted by Sam on 2/18/2016 to Getting Started

How to choose the right cloth pad fabrics for you

We carry a variety of cloth pad fabric options here at the shop and many women find that they prefer certain cloth menstrual pad fabrics over others depending on their cycle, the seasons or the want for natural fibers. Each cloth pad fabric has its own perks and they’re definitely something to consider when putting together your stash! 

Our #1 selling fabric is Minky for a number of reasons! Minky pads are super soft.  Minky is frequently what baby blankets and luxurious throws are made out of, it's soft while also being a great wicking fabric.  Wicking simply meaning it pulls the moisture away from your skin and into the core of the pad leaving you feeling dry. Minky is also a great stain resistant fabric option. Minky is a polyester fabric so if it’s natural fibers you’re into, Minky shouldn’t be your first choice.

Our Bamboo Velour cloth pads are super soft! Our Velour or OBV (Organic Cotton Velour) stock in both undyed and hand dyed colorways. Bamboo Velour a great fabric option if you’re looking for natural fiber cloth pads as it’s sustainable, hypoallergenic and breathable while being super absorbent and trim! Since Bamboo Velour Cloth Pads are made from a natural fiber, it’s recommended that  you rinse your Bamboo Velour Pads in cold water after use to avoid staining.

Cotton Velour is just as luxurious as Bamboo Velour, an absorbent and vegan friendly choice, but comes in solid colors instead of our hand dyed colorways. Cotton Velour is also a natural fiber so it can be prone to staining and will need a cold water rinse after use to minimize staining.

Our Cotton Woven cloth pads are thin and come in a handful of different prints. If you’re looking for the trimmest cloth pad possible, you’ll want to check out Cotton Woven menstrual pads. They’re vegan friendly and breathable, making them a great option for women living in warmer climates. It’s also a natural fiber, so be sure to rinse after use.

Raw Silk cloth pads are great for women that often struggle with yeast infections. Raw Silk contains a naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protein given off from silk worms, for this reason our Raw Silk Menstrual Pads are the only pads we carry that are not vegan friendly. We stock our Raw Silk cloth pads in our pantyliner sizes, which are great for everyday protection!

Similar in feel, Cotton and Polyester Jersey cloth pads are another trim fabric option while being incredibly soft! Cotton Jersey is an organic fabric cloth pad option where as Polyester Jersey is not. Both fabric options come in a handful of fun prints that make a great addition to any stash!

Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads are backed in WindPro fleece for water resistance which also adds bit of grip to your underwear. This makes for reliable, long lasting cloth pads!

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