Cloth Pad Starter Sets under $50

Posted by Sam on 9/2/2016
Wanting to get started with cloth pads, but unsure where to start? Here's a few great stash ideas to help you get started for under $50, including a Cloth Pad starter set, a Menstrual Cup starter set and a Postpartum starter set.  Have more questions about making the switch to reusable menstrual products? Join us in our Exclusive Facebook Group!

For under $50, YES - just $50!, you can get started with a cloth pad set and wetbag.

 This set includes one Petit Pouch and a 4 cloth pad set, including an 8in, 9in, 10in and 11in cloth pad. This set will   have you covered from light to overnight flow protection.

 Add 2 more 9in cloth pads to your order and take advantage of the FREE Pantyliner offer! For $65 you'll have an  amazing set including a 7.5in surprise Minky Pantyliner, 1 - 8in Light Pad, 3 - 9in Day Pads, 1 - 10in Heavy Pad, 1 -  11in Overnight Pad AND a reusable wetbag! 

Curious to try a menstrual cup? For under $50, you can enjoy a set including 4 - 7.5in pantyliners and one MeLuna menstrual cup. This set will allow you to use the menstrual cup to collect your flow and use the pantyliners as backup protection.  Menstrual cups can offer up to 12 hours of protection and are simply dumped when they’re getting close to being full.

Add a pair of reusable nursing pads for a safe place to set your cup to dry and a Wet + Dry Clutch from Logan and Lenora to take advantage of the FREE 7.5in Pantyliner offer! Orders over $65 will receive a free 7.5 surprise Minky Pantyliner with the order. 

Are you expecting and looking to use cloth pads as part of your postpartum care? Here’s a great set for under $50, including a set of 3 Postpartum Pads and 1 PlantWise Wetbag. By adding 2 more postpartum cloth pads to your order, you can take advantage of the FREE 7.5 surprise Minky Pantyliner offer.  All order over $65 before shipping will receive a FREE 7.5in surprise Minky Pantyliner.