Do you need a menstrual cup if you love cloth pads?

Do you need a menstrual cup if you LOVE cloth pads?

Posted by Julie on 8/25/2016 to Cloth Pad Questions & Answers
Do you need a menstrual cup if you LOVE cloth pads?

Love cloth pads?  Here's why you might also need a menstrual cup!

Cloth pads are amazing, you don't have to tell us that, and once you become addicted to their comfort you pretty much never want to use anything else.  So why are so many cloth pad using women also investing in a menstrual cup and how can you make the menstrual cup fit into your cloth pad routine?

First of all, if you love cloth pads and have always preferred pads then good for you.  But every cloth pad wearing woman also knows that there are times when you're limited as to what you can do because you're wearing one. 

Menstrual Cups are great for active women.  Perhaps you like to run, swim, bike, practice Crossfit, go to the beach or gym and clearly can't partake in all of these activities you enjoy when you are wearing a pad, either it's not feasible or it's just not comfortable.

Menstrual Cups are great to have on hand, even if you only plan to use it occasionally.  Don't let your monthly cycle get in the way of you favorite activities or special occasions.  You never know when you'll be asked to do something fun and with the use of a menstrual cup you'll feel liberated and not limited.  Cups can often be worn up to 12 hours depending on your flow.  They're great for times you won't have access to a restroom or worry you won't get frequent restroom breaks.

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