Frequently Asked Questions About Cloth Pads

How do I wear my Pink Lemonade Shop cloth menstrual pads?

Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads are worn similar to disposable pads with wings, but without the adhesive backing. Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads feature snaps on the wings to secure them around your underwear with the water-resistant fleece side down (against your underwear).  The pretty print should face you, always!

What size(s) should I choose?

The sizes that will work best for you depends on your menstrual cycle and if you’ll be using cloth pads only or also a menstrual cup.  Each size cloth pad and pantyliner is a different length and absorbency. Some of our most popular sizes are 9” Day Pads, 10” Heavy Pads, and 11” Overnight Pads. We also offer cloth pad sets that give you a variety of lengths to try.  Cloth pad sets will allow you to see what size pads work best for you on the different days of your cycle.

How many pads do I need?

All of them! (Just kidding!) A full week’s cloth pad stash usually consists of 20-25 cloth menstrual pads, but only you will know when your stash is complete. The amount of cloth pads needed will be easier to determine once you’ve chosen the sizes you need for the different days of your cycle. If you have lighter days, you’ll want more 8” and 9” pads. Where as heavier cycles will require stashing more 10” Heavy and 11” Overnight pads.  Some ladies like to wash all their pads at the end of their cycle and some prefer a smaller stash and wash during their cycle.  It’s all up to you!  See our Cloth Pad Washing, Care & Use for washing tips and instructions.

How often should I change my cloth pad?

This varies depending on the heaviness your cycle! Generally cloth pads need to be changed every 1 to 3 hrs.

What do I need to do or have to tackle changing my pad in public?

Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads fold up into themselves and can be snapped closed for a discreet carry! The top and bottom of the pads easily fold over each other, then just snap the wings together. We also offer wetbags that can be used to store used pads while you’re out.

Will I have to deal with smells or staining?

We offer Minky Cloth Pads, which are a great stain resistant fabric option! If you prefer more natural fibers like cotton or raw silk, we suggest rinsing your pad in cold water before storing. We also offer a natural stain stick if you’re worried about your cloth pads staining! If your pad is changed often enough, you will not have to worry about an odor.

Do cloth pads leak?

Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads have a leak-resistant fleece bottom layer that acts as a barrier between your absorbency layers and your underwear. The fabric is still breathable while keeping your flow where it needs to be.

What’s the difference between fabric options?

There are many different fabric options and benefits for each! Information on all of the fabrics we use in our cloth pads can be found here.

Can I use a cloth liner for everyday discharge? Which size is best?

Yes! Many ladies enjoy using our 6” or 7.5” Cloth Pantyliners and 8” Light Pads for everyday freshness.

I prefer thong underwear. Do you offer a pad option that will work?

You’re in luck. We also offer thong pantyliners that are also great for the lightest days in your cycle! You can also use these cloth pads as backup for a menstrual cup.

Do you offer an option that can be used postpartum?

Yes! We suggest our 12 inch Ultimate Overnight Pads and 13 inch PostPartum Pads for postpartum care.

Do I need to prep my new cloth pads before using them?

You do not! Pink Lemonade Shop pads are pre-washed and ready to wear.

How do I Wash and Dry my Pink Lemonade Shop pads?

Rinse your pads in cool water after use and then store them in a wet bag until you're ready to wash them. Wash in Warm or Cool temperature water and be sure to avoid Bleach, Vinegar, Fabric Softener or the ‘Sanitize Cycle’ on your washing machine. Dry as you normally would any other clothing (line, machine, and laying them flat are all perfectly fine for your pads). Be sure to avoid using dryer sheets or ironing. Some ladies add them in with their cloth diapers or towels to make for fewer loads. We recommend washing by the end of your cycle. Some choose to wash every other day whereas some do one big pad wash at the end of their cycle. Either way is fine.

Why should I make the switch to cloth pads?

Cloth pads are not only better for the environment, keeping millions of disposable products out of landfills each year, but they are better for you as well! Disposable products are full of unnecessary plastics and chemicals that are harmful to your body over time, whereas cloth products are not. Customers have even mentioned that since making the switch to cloth, their periods have been lighter, shorter, and their cramps have decreased.

How long will my pads last?

If properly taken care of, Pink Lemonade Shop pads will last for years! Sue, our owner, has pads in her stash that are 9+ years old and still look new! Pink Lemonade Shop pads are handcrafted by work at home moms using high quality, luxurious fabrics. The Pink Lemonade Shop pad pattern has been put together and carefully adjusted to offer a great fitting and secure pad design. Fabrics are carefully selected to suite their purpose and absorbency is tailored to each specific pad size.  1 Pink Lemonade Shop Cloth Pad replaces at least 100 disposable pads.