All of our fabrics are prewashed, preshrunk before they even ‘see’ our sewing machines to help ensure the best quality product for you.

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Looking for incredible softness? Look no further than Minky. Our #1 selling fabric will blow you away with its soft, silky feel. Minky is also a great wicking fabric, meaning it pulls moisture through the top to the core of the pad and away from you, and Vegan friendly. Minky is also almost 100% stain resistant.

Minky is 100% polyester, so if you’re looking for a natural fiber for the tops of your pads, this shouldn’t be your first choice.

Soft, Silky, and Luxurious! We offer OBV in both Undyed (natural cream color) and Hand Dyed variations of this popular fabric. We hand dye all of our OBV ourselves using professional grade dyes.

OBV is Sustainable, Hypoallergenic, Breathable, Vegan Friendly, and Super Absorbent, which makes it a great choice for anyone! Because it is a natural fiber, it is prone to staining, so an extra rinse in cool water right after use is advised.

OBF has the same wonderful qualities of OBV, but a smooth top, rather than a short pile velour. It also takes the dyes slightly different than OBV, resulting in beautiful dye patterns that look almost like a water painting. We use OBF exclusively for the absorbent cores of our pads.

Like OBV, OBF is also available in both Undyed (natural cream color) and Hand Dyed colors.

OBJ features all of the same characteristics of OBV & OBF, but has a feel similar to your favorite t-shirt that you’ve had for years. Super soft and very thin, OBJ is great for Pantyliners and 8” Light pads, when you are looking for a nice thin pad.

Just as luxurious as its Bamboo sisters, but in rich solid colors, Cotton Velour is a must for any stash. It’s soft, absorbent, and Vegan friendly too!

Cotton Velour is a natural fiber and can stain. Like the Bamboo fabrics We offer, We advise rinsing pads made with CV in cool water right after use to help minimize staining.

Thin and colorful, Cotton Woven fabrics are a great choice for ladies who’s first priority is having the thinnest pad possible. It’s a wonderful choice for pantyliners - especially for ladies that live in warmer climates as they feel cool to the skin. Cotton Wovens are breathable and Vegan Friendly too!

Cotton Wovens, like other natural fibers can stain. A quick, cold water rinse after use will help minimize staining.

Raw Silk is a wonderful, soothing option for ladies who are affected by Yeast Infections. Raw Silk contains Sericin, which is a naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protein that is given off from the Silk Worms. Pantyliners made with Raw Silk are also very thin and perfect for Everyday.

Raw Silk is a natural fiber and can stain. Like the other natural fiber fabrics We offer, We advise rinsing pantyliners made with Raw Silk in cool water right after use to help minimize staining.

Our most popular choice for the backs of both pads and liners! WindPro Fleece is professional quality and water resistant, making it a wonderful choice for a reliable, long lasting cloth pad. All this and breathable too!

Offered occasionally on both Cloth Pads and Nursing Pads, Wool Interlock is a wonderful choice for ladies that prefer a natural backing for their pads. Wool is breathable and absorbent, so it adds additional absorbency to your stash as well.