Pink Lemonade Shop Cloth Pad Review

Posted by Cara G. on 5/7/2018 to Guest Posts

          I have been using Pink Lemonade Shop pads for about a year and a   half. I had always used disposable pads and tampons when one day I   accidentally ran across a pattern for reusable pads online. I never knew that   such a product even existed. I was immediately interested and starting doing   lots of research on care and benefits of reusable products. Since I had started   my period when I was in my pre-teens, I had been experiencing intense   cramping, heavy bleeding, and a rash for 7-8 days a month which left me   feeling less than able to live my life normally. I was nervous about the upkeep and care these products needed, but I was desperately hoping after learning about reusable pads that they may offer me some relief. How do you take care of them? How will I use them at my office? Will others be bothered by my choice?

How My Journey to Cloth Pads Began

Posted by Regan on 1/21/2016 to Getting Started
I have been a member of my oldest son's birth club group since right after his birth almost sixteen years ago. Crazy, right? Over the years, it has turned into a bunch of women sitting around in a virtual Starbucks chit-chatting over cyber lattes. About eight years ago one of those conversations was about reusable menstrual options