Read about how one woman's journey to cloth menstrual pads began.

How My Journey to Cloth Pads Began

Posted by Regan on 1/21/2016 to Getting Started

How My Journey to Cloth Menstrual Pads Began

I have been a member of my oldest son's birth club group since right after his birth almost sixteen years ago. Crazy, right? Over the years, it has turned into a bunch of women sitting around in a virtual Starbucks chit-chatting over cyber lattes. About eight years ago one of those conversations was about reusable menstrual options. A few of the women mentioned using menstrual cups as well as cloth pads. Cloth pads?! I had no idea that was even a thing. I ended up ordering a menstrual cup, but I wasn't interested in trying cloth pads. Nope, not for me.  Then my younger son was born almost five years ago and I started using cloth diapers. I was all about cloth so I joined groups and Facebook pages, followed blogs and people on Twitter. Cloth diapers became an obsession and with that came exposure to more people who were also using cloth for themselves.

"I had never been much of a pad user..."

Here they were again, cloth pads. Nope, still not interested. Nope, nope, nope. Then a funny thing happened in October of 2013. I was asked to review Pink Lemonade Shop cloth menstrual pads on my blog. I couldn't get away from these cloth pads so I took a few days to think about it. I asked fellow cloth pad users and bloggers what they thought and finally I took the plunge. I agreed to a review.

During my review period (no pun intended), I found that I was surprised at how easy caring for cloth pads was and how much they hold. Other than never being much of a pad user, my concern had always been that cloth pads wouldn't be as absorbent as disposables and I quickly found that I was wrong. But the reason why I became hooked on cloth pads didn't really have anything to do with either of those things. Sure, they're great for the environment and the bank account, but I am now a cloth pad convert and addict because they're soft and pretty. Be honest, who loves that time of the month? I know that I don't, but if there is anything that I can do to make it a little more pleasant then I will, and that something turned out to be cloth pads. Pink Lemonade Shop pads to be specific.

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