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How to use and store Cloth Pads in a Public Restroom

Posted by Sam on 1/29/2016 to Getting Started

Cloth Pads on the go!  TIPS for how to care and store your cloth pads when using a public restroom.

You’re considering the switch to cloth pads, but the idea of using them on the go is holding you back? The care and keep of your cloth pads when you’re away from home has you nervous? You’ll truly be surprised at how easy it really is and the cloth pad accessories available at the shop to make the switch even easier!

A nice wetbag could be your best friend when it on the go with your cloth menstrual pads. Many wetbags used for storage come with both a wet and dry pocket so you’re able to keep your clean and dirty pads in one bag, but separate sections. You’ll need one larger one for at home and one small one for carrying in your purse or diaper bag. Some women even have a third wetbag stowed away in their car or office desk so they’re already prepared.

Depending on your menstrual cycle, pack a few of the best size and shape cloth pads for your flow. When it comes time to change your cloth pad or cloth pantyliner simply unsnap it from your panties, fold it in halves or thirds and re-snap to hold it together. You don’t have to rinse your cloth pad right away, but if you have a natural fiber pad like raw silk, you will want to make sure to rinse at home or wash as soon as possible. Place  your soiled cloth pads in the wetbag where they’ll be kept discreetly in your purse or diaper bag!

It’s that simple! Once you return home you can either combine the pads in a larger wetbag until your cycle is over and you’re ready to wash them, or if you prefer, you can wash your pads more frequently throughout your cycle as needed. How often you wash your cloth pads will also depend on your need and number of cloth pads in your stash. 

We stock a handful of wetbags at the shop that are stylish and discreet so that no one will even know you’re carrying reusable menstrual pads with you! Wetbags are lined on the inside with waterproof material to hold used pads without moisture or odor and a stylish yet durable printed fabric on the outside. We have both the one and two pocket options available.

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