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Pink Lemonade Shop's Frequently Asked Cloth Pad Questions

Posted by Alex on 1/21/2016 to Getting Started

Cloth Pad Questions and Answers with Pink Lemonade Shop

There were some wonderful questions asked at our recent cloth pad chat party, so we thought it would be a good idea to have them posted here for easy and quick reference! If you have any more cloth pad questions, feel free to ask below or to email us direct!

Answers to your most frequently asked cloth menstrual pad questions.

Q: How many cloth pads should I have so I don't have to wash them everyday of my period?
A: We suggest having 15-20 cloth menstrual pads to get through a cycle, however it will really depend on the length of your cycle, your flow, and how frequently you change. Some like to wait until the end of their cycle to do pad laundry while others do pad laundry every other day!

Q: Can I wash them with cloth diapers?
You sure can, however, cloth pads do not need as vigorous of a wash cycle as cloth diapers do, so we do not recommend bleach soaks or ’stripping’ your diapers with your pads. See our Cloth Pad Care & Use Instructions for complete washing details.

Q: How best to keep cloth pads from sliding all around the place?
We have been told my many that our cloth pads do not move around while they are being worn, however if you find that yours are, we recommend wearing a more form fitting panty to keep it snug and in place.

Q: How do you treat stains?
A: Good old fashioned sun! Wash your pads as normal and then lay them flat in the sun! If the sun does not remove your stain, we carry Buncha Farmer’s Stain Removal Sticks that work wonders!

Q: Are your pads regulated by the FDA?

A: We sure are! Pink Lemonade Shop is proudly FDA registered!

Q: Do you have to prep cloth pads before use?
A: You do not! Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads are prepped, prewashed, and ready for you to use upon arrival!

Q: How long do Pink Lemonade pads last?
A: Pink Lemonade Shop pads last for years! Sue has some original PLS pads that are 8+ years old and still look nearly new!

Q: How long does it take for Pink Lemonade cloth pads to pay for themselves in savings?
A: One Pink Lemonade Shop pad replaces 75-100 disposables!

Q: I'm more concerned about what you do with your pads when the cloth diaper years are done...seems like it would be too small of a load to wash by themselves, plus do you save them all up if your period is 5+ days? Don't they get gross sitting that long before wash day? Makes sense to me to use them if you cloth diaper but what about after?

Some women save their pad laundry to wash after their cycle has finished and because we recommend pre-rinsing, there there should be no problem with leaving them in a wet bag for a few days. We always recommend that you pre-rinse your pads prior to putting them into your soiled storage container. After your cloth pads have been pre-rinsed, you can wash your them with any other laundry you have such as your regular clothing, sheets or bath towels.  So the answer to this question is, cloth pads don't need to be washed in a strictly cloth pad or cloth diaper load of laundry!

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