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Vegan Menstrual Care Product Options, Vegan Cloth Pads, Menstrual Cups and more!

Posted by Julie on 1/30/2016 to Cloth Pad Questions & Answers

Vegan Menstrual Care Product Options, Vegan Cloth Pads, Menstrual Cups and more!

So you're vegan? You care about animals, advocacy and making the healthiest and most natural decisions for yourself and your family. Determining which products are vegan-friendly is no easy feat. Some brands make it easy to tell in the form of a stamp or seal while others leave you scrutinizing every ingredient, including how and where it was manufactured, what was used in the packaging, labeling and especially the product testing process.


The same is true for vegan menstrual care or vegan personal care products. Vegan-friendly feminine hygiene is an often overlooked issue and product searches might leave you thinking you have few vegan options.


Pink Lemonade Shop stocks vegan-friendly Cloth Pads and Menstural Products!

Here at Pink Lemonade Shop we stock primarily vegan-friendly products. Aside from our raw silk topped pantyliners, all our cloth pads are made without animal products and are not tested on animals. They're also sewn by wahm seamstresses right here in the state of Ohio. We're proud to be a grass-roots, mom-owned business that employs other women while providing menstrual care products designed to liberate and free you from your dependence on chemical-laden disposable maxi-pads and tampons.

Our cloth pads and pantyliners come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  From pantyliners for light flow days to thong-friendly pads, postpartum pads, overnight pads and even menstrual cups.

Vegan or not, every woman should pursue more natural, more comfortable and more ethical alternatives to today's disposable feminine menstrual care products.

Buy your Pink Lemonade Shop Vegan-Friendly Cloth Pads today!