Why Choose Cloth Pads Over Disposable Sanitary Napkins

Why Choose Cloth Pads Over Disposable Sanitary Napkins

Posted by Admin on 10/22/2019 to Period Talk
Why Choose Cloth Pads Over Disposable Sanitary Napkins

Why do women choose cloth pads over disposable pads?

We recently polled our cloth pad customers and the response was insightful. Many women choose cloth pads over disposable pads for comfort. Pink Lemonade Shop Cloth Pads are comfortable, come in a variety of fabric choices and fun prints and are abosbent. When you choose cloth pads you're saying NO to synthetic plastics, absorbent chemicals and fragrances that you often don't need during your menstrual cycle. Cloth pads can feel as soft to the touch as your favorite comfy t-shirt or as fluffy as a stuffed teddybear or bathrobe.

Another reason women choose cloth pads are because they prefer a more natural and eco-friendly option. Disposable pads continue to rise in price, contain multiple sticky tabs and backings, packaging, instructions and a box. Aside from personal health concerns, environmentally there's really no need for all that packaging. Additionally there's nothing more annoying then headed to your local grocer to find their out of your disposable brand, size or the quantity you'd prefer to buy.

Health-wise, some women are especially sensitive to synthetic chemicals and fragrances found in disposable pads. If you're regularly finding yourself itching from certain perfumes, shampoos and laundry detergents...chances are you'll be sensitive to the fragrances found in disposable sanitary napkins. A perfect reason to choose our cloth pads!

Lastly, there's the cost-savings of cloth pads and the fun-factor! Why not have fun prints and luxurious fabrics to brighten an otherwise annoying time of the month?

When you choose cloth pads over disposables you can essentially have all the above mentioned benefits in one. Save money, save the environment, save your health and have fun with self-care!

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