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Ambassador Search at Pink Lemonade Shop

Posted by Sam on 3/22/2016
Looking to share your love of cloth pads and menstrual cups? Already a Pink Lemonade Shop Affiliate and would like to join us in exclusive events and opportunities? 
Join us in our Ambassador Program! 

Introducing Your Teen to Cloth Pads

Posted by Sam on 3/21/2016 to Getting Started
I wish I had reusable pads from the start! If you’ve chosen to switch to cloth pads to avoid disposable menstrual products filled with chemicals, perfumes and dyes like I have, chances are you don't want your daughter exposed to those toxins too. As your cloth pad stash grows, your daughter may be growing increasingly curious about your stash. Introducing your teen to cloth pads with a stash of her own may be just the way to go!

Cloth Pads for Menstrual Cup Backup, When and why do you need them?

Posted by Julie on 3/9/2016 to Troubleshooting
menstrual cupsSo you've made the switch to a menstrual cup from tampons and you weren't a pad user to begin with. So why should you invest in cloth pads to use with your menstrual cup? I'm here to explain when and why you'd need pads for use as backup when using a menstrual cup.

MommyCon Exclusive 13" Cloth Pad Giveaway! Ends 3/9/16

Posted by Julie on 3/7/2016 to Giveaways
Our MommyCon Exclusive Cloth Pads were such a hit that we barely made it home with one left to offer to give away to you all! We have one lovely 13" MommyCon Exclusive Cloth Pad up for grabs and we plan to announce the winner during Wednesday night's Cloth Pad Chat!
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