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Beat The Heat With COOLER Cotton Woven Cloth Pad Options!

Posted by Admin on 7/21/2020 to Fabrics
Beat The Heat With COOLER Cotton Woven Cloth Pad Options!

Are cloth pads hot?

We get that question a lot. Many women are concerned about the fabric topped cloth pads being too warm to wear in summer months or making them sweaty in general. Truthfully it's a matter of preference, location, time of year and each person's body chemistry. We all know people who's feet sweat profusely while others do not, smelly underarms vs. no smell at all...the same is true for women's apocrine glands. If you're concerned about excessive sweating or live in a climate where you experience warm summer months or perhaps work outdoors, cotton woven cloth pads are a great solution.

Cotton woven topped cloth pads provide a trim fit and no pill. In other words, the fabric textiles are not fluffy like minky or velour. They leave you feeling cooler and more dry, while still providing adequate absorbency, just like our other cloth pads.

Our cotton woven cloth pads have a fleece back, unless you'd prefer PUL (which is sold exclusively in our ETSY store) and an interior core of bamboo fleece for absorbency.

If you're ready to add some cotton woven cloth pads to your summer stash, use code JUSTBECAUSE at checkout and save 10% off any regular priced items at
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